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MoOn JaZz

MoOn JaZz by JuLeS aNg

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Rufus Red Wine

Rufus Red labels

Rufus Red Brochure- front



Kids Aussie Map

Kids Australian map to attract the ages of 3-5 years...

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Beautiful Bling

A irresistible tutorial for a gawjus person...


For those that go the Moevember...

Pencil Alphabet

There is a difference...

Swimming Almonds

A Little Freaky... Stare at the cross and the dots turn green
Stare a little longer and they disappear... Like me hehehe...

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Little Creatures



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Teenage Suicide.

Every 30 seconds a family somewhere in the world is shattered by the suicide of a loved one. That’s according to the World Health Organisation.“We all have a role to play in building suicide safe communities. Too many Australians are dying from suicide in this country, 2200 a year, that’s 40% more than motor vehicle accidents."
Sourced by Jules Ang 25/10/10

This is one topic I take very seriously. Three of my friends ended their lives through suicide and I think it is important to make people aware of this suitation, to help put a stop to
Teenage Suicide.

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Business Ethics Study

In class we discussed business ethic as they relate to Graphic Design. Can you describe some of the issues surrounding this discussion?

Business Ethics is a guide for “What not to do” in a business. It is how we go about treating our clients, employee’s and employers. We use an ethical approach to the designs we produce and also the way we conduct ourselves in the corporate world.

Style Study

How does having an open mind enable you to develop style?

As inspiring designers it’s good to have an open mind. It enables the designer to look outside the box. Open yourself to new skills; be aware of your strengths. This will give you attitude awareness. Being set in your ways can work to your disadvantage this stops you with your development as a designer.

Why is it important to have some unique skills and aesthetics elements in your creative process?

It is important to have unique skills and aesthetics elements in the design process, so as a designer you can be identifiable to the outside world. You create a Design personality. Which others can recognize.

Why should you research artist and hold small personal critiques on their work at regular intervals?

Researching and critiquing other artist is a very important process in the Design world. It enables us to explore others way to present work. This can be an inspiring way to developing design.

Why should you be aware of your likes / dislikes and your strengths/ weakness?

When being aware of our likes /dislikes and strengths/weakness helps to create style in our Designs. Being aware of our likes/dislikes, we can question whether we need to explore them in broader contents could strengthen our design. Taking note of our weaknesses makes us aware of the things we need to improve on. Keeping our strengths close by as this develops your creative style.

Is Style definitive or does it evolve for you?

I think Style is something that evolves given time when it comes to the Graphic Design. I also think it can evolve quite quickly depending on your ability to learn the technology.

How does attitude affects your style and other professional’s perception of you?

Having a positive attitude towards style and professional’s is a way to earn respect in the industry and a good business name. When we have poor attitude towards designs and our clients, it tarnishes our reputation. Which could destroy the our industry.

What are habits and why is it important to be aware of them as a designer?

As designers we can fall into “BAD” habits such as, not meeting deadlines, being late for work, not abiding work ethics, bad time management skills, not having an contingency plan. Falling into these habits can bring your business down.

What does time management offer a designer?

Time management enables a designer to meet deadlines and priorities. You can be productive when time management skills are put in place.

How do you improve your time management?

Creating a “TO DO LIST” is one way to improve your time management skills, having a contingency plan can also be beneficial towards time management.

What is a conscience and how does it affect both your style and your professional practice?

A conscience is your inner voice making you aware of what’s right or wrong morally. Being aware of your conscience helps you with design in many ways with unity and balance.

How do generally accepted morals and your own morals stance affect your design and professional practice?

Every culture has it’s own set of morals. As a designer we can be aware of these morals to create exceptionable designs or we can choose to ignore them for public awareness, even knowing it might not be. It all depends on the greater cause hence the end result you are trying to achieve.


What is a Deadline?

Deadlines can be interrupted in many ways depending on the seriousness it is applied too. We use this term when action needs to be taken seriously; it is a form of a time line for when a business needs to take place of completion. Everyday life has it's deadlines but we are most likely to hear this term used in a business environment.

What's involved in meeting a deadline on time?

Organization, Planning and Communication are the three important tasks to have in place when meeting a deadline on time.

What are the consequences of breaking a deadline?

Breaking a deadline affects your creditability on professionalism and work ethics; continuation of this will eventually tarnish your repetition as a designer.

What can you do to better meet deadlines?

Collaborate with your client and design team keeping all communications strong at all times in line with up to date knowledge in the Adobe software. These are big advantage to meeting a deadline.

How do you prioritise deadlines?

Time management is important when prioritising with deadlines. Effective prioritising is a necessity for efficiency and productivity.

How do deadlines alter the perception of businesses and individuals?

The society we live in can sometimes thrive on negativity.... Businesses and individuals work hard on building a strong and honest reputation, not meeting deadlines can alter the businesses perception very quickly. "Word of Mouth" is a very true saying, which can make or break a business or individual.

How do general business deadlines differ from Graphic Design deadlines?

After researching the difference in General Business against Graphic Design, I notice the greater expectations on GD. We are not the only people in the industry relied upon there are other business to consider that maybe involved to get the end result complete. So in reality if one of us should fall it sends of a domino effect. This is why communication and deadlines in the Design world are so very important. A Happy Client is a for filled one...

After reading about the Celts and their history, how has their culture filtered through to modern society both in Australia and the world in general?

It is amazing to know that the Celts were not just people that originated from Ireland; in fact they were various people from all over Europe. Generally it was those that spoke the Celtic languages. Celtic Art was introduced in the middle ages; it was very ornamental with its Knot work, spirals, key patterns, lettering, zoomorphic, plant forms and human figures. It was also know to cover a Hugh expanse of time, geography and cultures. Celtic art has three known “traditions-continental Iron Age art, Iron Age in Ireland and Britain and Insular art. The earliest tradition, continental Iron Age, is largely associated with the La TeneĆ© culture, which emerged and flourished during the later part of the Iron Age. Celtic art has had an amazing influence to our modern society from around the world and Australia. Today Celtic art can be seen through our fashion, jewellery, body art, typography and much more.

Aboriginal art is defiantly visual. It is also much more to it’s artists and people. Can you comment on what a cultures art might mean to its people and how it can socially affect itself and other cultural groups.

Like European art, Aboriginal art represents and symbolizes the world and the beliefs of their people. Traditional Aboriginal art represent the Dreaming but is often also a vital part of ceremonies. The Dreamtime (or Dreaming) is a term used to describe the period before living memory when Spirits emerged from beneath the earth and from the sky to create the landforms and all living things. The concept of art in traditional Aboriginal society is very different to the concept of art in European society. In traditional Aboriginal societies, activities like dancing, singing, were not considered to be separate activities called art and design. All of these activities were a part of the Dreaming and a part of normal daily life. There was no concept of a special type of person, artists, because everyone was considering as an artist. This is changing as tradition adapt to aspects of western culture although the number of 'artists' in any Aboriginal group would generally be far greater than in non-Aboriginal communities. Aboriginal people traditionally used the materials available to them to symbolize the Dreaming and their world. As a result, art forms varied in different areas of Australia. In the central desert, ground drawing was a very important style of art and throughout Australia rock art as well as body painting and decoration were common although varying in styles, method, materials and meaning. There is and was a wide range of traditional Aboriginal art forms. When exploring aboriginal art I realized the appreciation and respect they have for their land this message has been filtering through our society today throughout Gallery’s and Theater.

M.C. Escher's work is highly detailed. Most designers and lay people are highly impressed by his work and dedication to his art. Why?

Maurits Cornelis. Escher (1898-1972) was a man admired by many he is considered the father of modern tessellations. At age 68, he said, ‘filling the plane has become a real mania to which I have become addicted and from which I sometimes find it hard to tear myself away’ ( He has the ability to show traveling minds through his art is truly phenomenal, such a genius in the way he incorporated a mathematical balance to his lays with opposing concepts such as order and disorder, high and low, close and far. By the 1950’s, M. C. Escher had gained such fame that people were commissioning him for far more unusual services such as tapestry design, and a ceiling decoration for Philips of Holland. He was published in Time and Life magazines 1951, and began to lecture. Audiences of artists, mathematicians, and scientists were enchanted with his visions. I would have to say that I have been very inspired by Escher work; my favorite piece would have to be Metamorphosis II -–known to be his largest print.

What is so interesting about art and culture of the past?

Art and culture has made us who we are today. We draw our inspirations from Art history and it’s culture. For many people it was a way of communication and visual satisfaction and today we learn the effects of the pass through art history, this is what makes it so interesting. It is like a fingerprint of the passed, which is passed down to each generation.

Why look backwards to our history when trying to engage in design solutions for modern society? Give examples.

We look back into art history for inspiration. Designers incorporated art history in their designs with a modern touch we see it on the products we buy, in commercials, magazines and digital media, books and cd covers. In any way shape or form the pieces we design will most likely have a composition of art history in them.

How has ancient art affected your life? Give examples.

Ancient Art culture affects us in so many ways. When thinking about how ancient art has affected my life I was drawn back to when I moved into my first home. When decorating the apartment with prints, materials, rugs and furniture my influences came from 1920-1940’s. Architecture was so ornamental, furniture oozed with detail, which gave the presents of character and warmth

What cultural influences have occurred in your life? Give examples.

I am lucky enough to have a multi-cultural background. My father was born in Hamburg Germany and my mother is from Malta so we enjoy multicultural food, music and traditions, which are passed down from their parents to my very own family. I have learnt the different meanings of culture for each society; their cultural influences are different in so may ways from their art to their music, food and religious beliefs.

Study on graphical representation of personal development.

Here is my representation of a study timeline.

We were asked to research 10 Australian Design companies, list their services and web addresses..


2/9 Wilson Street Westend Queensland

Logo’s, branding, corporate ID, Advertising,

Corporate Brochures, Wed design, Games & apps,

Social media.

2a-4a Wellington st St Kilda

Award winning Designers

Graphic Design-Brand ID, Uniforms and Vehicles, Livery, corporate advertising,

Magazines, illustrations, book designs, logo designs, POS-retail design,

Style guides,

Web design-Online brand development, E commerce, Web hosting, Web copy writing,

Flash design.

Brand ID- Brand Audits, Brand research, brand Architecture,

Brand and design Development.

Suite 14/1 Mc Laren St North Sydney

Web, Print, Branding, Multi media.

R & B-

Level 2 Yorkhouse, 50 York St Sydney

Brand ID, Digital, Print, Web and packaging.

Location-Pyrmont NSW

Graphic Design-Corporate Branding, Stationary, Brochures, Catalogues,

POS designs, Flash websites, Packaging of sale design, Flyer design.

Level 3, 59 Wentworth Ave

Kingston ACT 2604

TV, Logo's, Stationary, Promo merchandise material, digital, Publications/

Books, press, interior Branding, outdoors (flags, posters, banners).

406, 22 Mountain St Ultimo 2007

Awards-IAB Awards (Interactive Advertising Bureau)

Web sites, Banner's, Brands, CD rom, Desk top Apps, games, Prints,

Rich media, websites and Iphone Apps.

Blue Marlin

Level 3, 2-14 Mountain St Ultimo 2007

Studios - Australia, Thailand, UK, USA.

Brand Strategy, Corporate Branding, Packaging Design,

Blue Marlin offer a Sparks Award to up and coming young designer giving them their first break in design.

Suite 4, 70 Croydon st Cronulla 2230 NSW

Brand corporate ID, Brand Design, Packaging design, web design, and advertising.


6, 28 freshwater Place Southbank Melbourne

Awesome TV Advertising-Maggi, Toyota, Drumstick, Victoria... just to name a few...


What are they?

Software, Software, Software.... Did I mention software. In the land of Design we face the challenges of two things, which are the software and platforms. Our love of our lives, the "Mac and PC". The challenges are just getting to know all about these two gorgeous platforms, can be mind blowing in itself. Not only keeping up to date with the software for design -that we adore in the Design world.

How do we solve them?

The ways you solve these problems is with educating yourself on both of the platforms. There are many ways we can do this. Magazines are available for both the Mac and PC, They have a lot of information that can help you along the way and you can subscribe to them. Short courses at Tafe can also be beneficial to the learning process. And the Internet can be very helpful.

What resources are out there?

We are lucky enough to be in an industry that has its demands. With Formal and Informal study, Tutorials, Magazines, Conferences, Workshops to offer makes things a little easier to keep up to date with technology and software.

What is your annual budget to pay for these resources?

My annual budget is a little limiting not just in the money aspect but also time, in saying this there are ways to get round it with on line tutorials and magazines. I think to become a good designer is to know the software inside out so what is see in you mind can be easily developed.

How could an ABN benefit your financial approach to these resources?

ABN is obtained when registering a business or procure a tax file number...This can work in your favor as the resources became tax ride offs which is very handy to have at the end of financial year.

How do the major platforms (MAC / PC) affect technical approaches to projects?

When approaching Web Design the better platform to use is a PC as it dominates most of the businesses world. When it comes to design for print the Mac is known to be "The Designers Computer" It focuses on the handling of fonts and colours especially when going from screen to file to print. However, the same results can be achieved on a PC. There is no significant difference in the software available for the Mac or PC. All of the major applications, including the Adobe Creative Suite, are developed

for both platforms. The Mac is often considered the designer’s computer, there are some handy tools and applications that are Mac-only.

Study on criticism and psychology of the critical process.

How did you perform in critiquing your assigned map?

When looking over the assigned map and going through the points that were

given for the critique. I think my performance was at a medium level. This is

an area, given time I think will be improved. My thoughts of critiquing a

students work is good experience as long as personal feelings don’t get in the

way. With practice being objective will come as second nature given time.

How did the student critiquing your work perform?

Unfortunately the fellow student who had the pleasure of critiquing my work

was very kind. There was not much criticism on my work other than the

labeling of the states, state lines need to be more visible, to work on the

appearance of the buoys, to remove the “Common Aussie” and the outline of

the grapes. I do think the criticism that was given was very valid and now

Looking back at my work, I can see where I can make my work unite.

How has the critiquing process improved your map?

The critique has helped me understand to “look out side the box” there is

always room for improvement. Having more consistency throughout the

project is a must. I feel sometimes our own personality and style can

sometimes be a little complacence, which may affect the project. Its good to

Be open-minded, as there will be projects that are not so much in my liking.

Is there any criticism that you are going to ignore and if so, why?

The only criticism I’m willing to ignore is one that was mentioned by the class.

Which was having the Title Australia in lower case. The reason I had

processed with the title in lower case was it suits the project criteria.

What attitude should you take into a critique? Why?

I think the attitude in a critique should be diplomatic and any aggressive

nature should be left at the door.

How can you prepare to give criticism?

To prepare for a critique, it’s important to study the work you are about to

criticize. Apply the elements that make up Graphic Design and abide with

what’s in the brief.

Are there some general guidelines in Graphic Design that can help you

provide criticism? What are they?

The general guidelines in Graphic Design when providing a critique are as


Colours, Typography, Style, composition-

Balance, Space, Direction. Continuation, Pattern, Symmetry, Focal Point,

Prospective, Harmony, Dissonance. The work should always comply with the

brief given.

Study on cultural relationships with design.

It wasn’t until now that I really explored Critical Theory. I was quite amazed how we apply the process to everyday life. We can have a critical thought on just about everything…It’s a great way to expand and open the mind.

What is Critical Theory?

Critical theory in the narrow sense designates several generations of theorists in the Western European Marxist tradition known as the Frankfurt School. According to these theorists, a critical theory may be distinguished from a traditional theory according to a specific practical purpose: a theory is critical to the extent that it seeks to liberate human beings from the circumstances that enslave them (Horkheimer 1982, p. 244).

In my opinion, Critical Theory is a method of multiplying theories, brainstorming, laterals thinking and reforming problems, Think outside the box. We use Critical Theory in many aspects of our lives- drawing knowledge from social science. The term has a few different meanings – Sociology Thinking- developing structure and function. Literary Thinking- Study concerning writing.” People how think critically consistently attempt to live rationally, reasonable, empathically. They use the intellectual tool that critical thinking offers- concepts and principles that enable them to analyse, assess, and improve thinking”. ( The ability to think critically allows people to make intelligent decisions, solve problems, and achieve goals.

How do some aspect relate to Graphic Design?

In Graphic Design we work with different mediums to create design. Critical Theory can play a big part in the way the mediums perform. We draw our knowledge through experiences of those who are the “Critical Thinkers” to educate and give us direction.

How does Critical Theory relate to modern design?

There are amazing amounts of Critical Thinkers in our universe that have had quite an impact on our lives. From philosophers, scientist, teachers writers, authors, explorers, pioneers to inventors. We can agree to disagree with their philosophies, what makes it so interesting is that we can learn through their experiences and apply the knowledge to Graphic Design. Graphic Designers are exposed to Critical Theory through Photography, Arts, Colour and Typography. When thinking critically about photography there are so many aspects that come into from Lighting, Film, Developing, Lenses and Aperture. The Arts give us many forms of Critical Theory in a big way, from The Arts and Craft Movement, Art Nouveau, De stjll, Russian Constructivism, Surrealism, Pop Art, and there are many more. Colour Theory is a way we can communicate without the use of words. It enables to communicate Propaganda and Culture. With colours we can set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement. Colour can be used to energize, or to cool down. By selecting the right colour scheme, we can create an ambiance of elegance, warmth or tranquillity, or we can convey an image of playful youthfulness. Colour can be the most powerful design element when used effectively.

Albert Einstein (German-born) Physicist (1879 - 1955)

Professor of Theoretical Physics

Albert Einstein, scientist and philosopher of science, is regarded as the father of modern science. He is famous for his Theory of Relativity, formulated as E=MC², with practical application in nuclear energy development. Albert Einstein as Philosopher of Science Jul 20, 2010 Tel Asiado (


Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That's relativity. “

How true. In my opinion some things in life can pass us so quickly while others can burden us for years. Modern Design can have the same effect. Whether it be in Print or Digital Media form it can affect our lives in many different ways. We need to have the ever-lasting affect when it comes to Design to create more of an impact.

Albert Einstein, Quotes-

“I never think of the future - it comes soon enough”.

This is a quote that I was drawn to more so from personal experience which am forced to reevaluate. It is one that does not apply to Modern Design, as it is important to have a plan and prioritize when it comes to designing work for clients.

John Locke, (England-born). Philosophy (1632-1704)

Locke's Rationale

English philosopher John Locke was born on August 29, 1632, in Somerset, England. He was an important political figure and author of Two Treatises of Government. It is his views on the nature of human knowledge in his Essay Concerning Human Understanding that he is best remembered in modern philosophy. John Locke Philosophy Jan 5, 2009 Tel Asiado (

He states that at birth, the mind is a "blank slate" or "tabula rasa," waiting to explore and be written on by experience. He believes that these ideas can be classified into two general sorts:

* Complex Ideas --- are constructions made out of simple ideas. These include ideas of familiar objects, such as dogs, cats, tables and chairs. But they need not represent anything real. For example, that of a unicorn, complex idea itself made up from conjoining two complex ideas, such as "horse" and "horn."

· Simple ideas --- are immediate products of stimulation from the senses. Among his simple ideas is a distinction between primary qualities of objects and others that are secondary qualities. Primary are those such as solidity, shape, motion or rest, and number. Secondary qualities are those such as color, scent and taste. (


John Locke “That which is static and repetitive is boring. That which is dynamic and random is confusing. In between lies art”.

John Locke “All wealth is the product of labor”.

As a designer we start off with a blank canvas build our designs based on knowledge and information that is given. ”Its all in the fruits of labor”, the more we open our minds the better creators we become. With this takes a lot of determination and knowledge.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, (Germany-born 1749-1832)

Goethe was one of the greatest German writers, thinkers, and scientific theorists of all time. He was famous for such works as Faust, The Sorrows of Young Werther (first novel) and Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship (second novel.) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Biography Aug 29, 2008 Tel Asiado(

German Poet, Playwright, Novelist and Philosopher.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“When an idea is wanting, a word can always be found to take its place”.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a lover not a fighter, his poetry is so engaging it has the ability to look at life in a different light, which I find very inspiring. His career as a writer and as a thinker spanned the end of Classicism and the beginning of Romanticism.

It’s quite interesting when you think about poetry and how we relate it to Modern Design. Poetry is an intentional abstraction and distorted of the everyday language. It has be said, “Poets distort language in order to get the magic of life-and human experience- that structure sentences that cannot be describe”.(

We also find the in Design. Design can be a lot of different mediums that tell us a story, It voice not vocal but visual.

The Conclusion:

In order to become critical thinkers people need to ask if the arguments with which they are being presented, as well as those they themselves are presenting, actually make sense. Moreover, they need to ask under what conditions might those arguments be true but under what conditions might they instead be false.

Additionally, people should identify any assumptions (preconceived beliefs underlying their points of view) that might influence their conclusions and, finally, assess the accuracy and the validity of the evidence that is being presented in support of an argument.

By failing to think critically, people accept as true their own biases and illogically formed conclusions as well as whatever they are told by other people, for example, politicians, televisions commercials, religious leaders, and news organizations. In other words, people who not think critically accept as true what may very well instead be a half-truth or even an out-and-out lie.


* Chaffee, J. (2000) Thinking Critically: Sixth Edition. Houghton Mifflin: New York.

Creative Theory can be practiced; great ideas can change the world. Developing our knowledge through history- Arts, Socialism and Culture can inspire our creative thinking. The things that can hold us back from creative thinking is our self doubt, its important to have a open mind when it comes to all things in life including Modern Design. When becoming a Creative Thinker we become curious, we seek problems and enjoy the challenges, which make us more optimistic. We see problems as interesting opportunities to solve. I believe that this is what makes a favorable Designer.

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BSBDES202A Evaluate the nature of Design in a specific context.

Historical Developments of Poster Design

Jim Fitzpatrick

Jim Fitzpatrick is a well-known Irish Artist known for his Celtic art. His earliest legendary piece of art was the poster of Che Guevara back in 1968. The works of well-known artist Aubrey Beardsley and Alphonese Mucha inspired Jim Fitzpatrick. When exposed by their art in the mid sixties at a summer trip to London. Fitzpatrick started his own poster company named “Two Bare Feet”, which was inspired by previous exhibitions that Jim Fitzpatrick he visited in London. Before long these posters hit a majority of households. “Fitzpatrick’s was a committed and impressionable Socialist and felt that this cultural fast track would bring his work to the masses”. (Biography of Jim Fitzpatrick)

Jim Fitzpatrick met Che Guevara whilst working as a barman in a hotel in Killkee, Co Clare. Che was on a stopover in Shannon Airport at the time when walking into the bar Jim Fitzpatrick recognised him straight away as he was an admirer of Guevara. Jim and Che had a brief conversation, which surprised Che, as he didn’t believe anyone would recognise him. Jim was surprised to find out that Che had an Irish background- his mother was from Cork Co. Che admitted that he did not know much of the Irish culture except hat Ireland was the first country to break free from the British empire. Jim Fitzpatrick was so intrigued by Che Guevara that later he produced a “quasi-psychedelic drawing of him to commorate his arrival in Bolivia” (biography of Jim Fitzpatrick)

Che Guevara was murdered later that year. Jim used this time to reproduce the drawing of Che in propaganda poster form, which was printed in magazines such as “Private Eye” in Britain and a number of European and American political magazines. Jim made sure the image was copyright free to make the reproduction excessive to anyone with this it had become a universal icon, displayed on banners, posters and t-shirts. This and caused so much controversy in the world with distributors being arrested and shop owners being threaten and harassed.

Aside from his Che poster, Jim's a huge Irish mythology and history scholar, and a large portion of his work is dedicated to re-imaginings of ancient Irish history and mythology. He is also known for memorable album covers designs for Thin Lizzy and Sinead O’Connor- but his true love is with the Celtic Art.

I admire the controversy of Jim Fitzpatrick the willingness not to be afraid to express what you believe in and to be able to voice your opinion in a political sense. I hope to portray this in my designs in the future.

Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha was born in 1860 in Moravia, which is near the city of born in the modern Czech Republic. It was once said that Mucha could draw before he could walk, (Mucha Alphonse Mucha was inspired by the art form in churches this epiphany drove him to become an artist himself, despite his fathers efforts to secure him a job as a clerk at a local court. In 1887 Alphonse moved to Paris to Study art. Mucha developed his own style it wasn’t until 1895 he presented a new style of art to the Persians, Mucha was asked to create a poster of Sarah Bernhardt’s play “Gismonda” The poster had a new form with it’s bright colours and flowing shapes it was given the name Art Nouveau (“New Art” in French) Over night Mucha name was legendary.

In the 1900’s the “Style Mucha” became the pattern for a whole generation of graphic designers and draughtsman. His stamp of authenticity was idealized, stylized figures of beautiful women, loosely framed in an ornamental way of flowers and foliage, symbols and arabesques. One of the most widespread pictorials motifs the “Style Mucha” was regarded as synonymous with the whole Art Nouveau movement.

In 1894 Alphonse Mucha design posters for several theatrical productions as well as magazines illustrations and advertising for Nestle food, Benedictine, Moet and Chandon and cigarette companies.

What interests me with Alphonse Mucha art work is the softness and flow each piece has the unity of colours together are harmonious I can see the influences that Alphonse Mucha had on Jim Fitzpatrick with the artistic shapes and stylized figures of beautiful girlishly graceful woman framed with Fawn and flowers. One of Mucha pieces I really admire is1889 Moet Chandon as I hope to for fill a long desire, which is to design wine labels.

Part Three

Consider the future development and directions of poster.

Graphic Design magazines are an awesome source of inspiration for Graphic Designers. We can use these resources for updating your skills, learning new ones. It keeps us in contact with what’s happening in the design world, so you’re never left behind with trends that are progressing around the world. Agda has Poster Annuals every year for Designers and up and coming Designers to enter, which is judged by the general public. This is a fantastic way to see the response of how the public perceives your work.


The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) is the national organisation for professional. As Australia's largest representative association of professional graphic designers, AGDA is uniquely placed to assist you in your development as a professional. AGDA is an association for designers who want to take control of their careers and businesses. Agda manages a program of awards, exhibitions, seminars and professional development activities for our members. Many of these activities are also available to the wider design and business communities.


Desk Top was established 25 years ago, it delves into the world of Design. It opens it doors to news, events photography, animation, fashion, typography, packaging, digital media, web design, post-production, illustration, gaming design and more… Desktop connects with thousands of passionate Creative Professionals and Enthusiasts around the world.

Desktop issues are distributed every 8 weeks. Subscriptions for Desktop - 12 months - $89.00 and for 24 months - $159.

Digital Arts

Digital Arts is a magazine published in the UK. DA, deliverer’s high quality content for the professional readership. Digital Arts is a resource for both in print and online providing information on Type, Tutorials, illustrations, photography and much more…

Subscriptions- 13 months $196.85 released monthly.


International Design Network magazine is a fast forward up beat design magazine. It’s not afraid to test the out there designs. IdN is published 6 times yearly (every 2 months). IdN is more-than-ever focused in delivering the brilliant works from motion creative’s... Broadcasting to homes and public screens worldwide! All IdN issues comes included with complimentary DVD, playing a theme-based visual compilation of the brilliant and latest shorts films, TV commercials, music videos, animations, interviews, behind-the-scenes and creative motion contents.


Meggs, Philip B., Purvis, Alston W. Meggs” history of Graphic Design, 4th ed.John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Prepared by Debbie Angel.