Friday, July 29, 2011

Team Work 8 Page Booklet

With this task we were ask to design a cook book with a twist. We had to invent recipes and take the photography. As a team we decided to base the cook book on alcohol. Each recipe was to contain some sort of alcohol to complement the dish. When doing our research we noticed alot of cook books had large images this was a layout we wanted to avoid. Chris had came up a brilliant idea for a layout and then it was full steam ahead with ideas pouring out from all of us. Lea suggested the road kill for the front cover and we decided to carry the theme through the back cover as well we were to create this with photography to tie in with the images inside the booklet. From then on the group decided the recipes.

My input-
  • black background with white type to imitate a chalk board
  • Motif outlines of the alcohol used in the recipes
  • Recipe created Oyster Vodk
This task was very enjoyable and the finished product is definitely an eye opener!

Team Work was the name of the game!!

We were asked to create an 8 page coloured booklet on Wagga Wagga Tourism. The spec,s for this booklet, as follows:
  • Colour Images at 300dpi
  • Information
  • A4
A team meeting was held to allocate jobs, so we could make a start.
The outcome, as follows:
  • Project planner, Jules
  • Style Guide, Nicole
  • Type Guide, Ani
  • Front/back/ Title, Chris
  • About, Mitchell
  • Attractions, Ani
  • Entertainment, Elise
  • Accommodation, Pip
  • Food/ Wine, Jules
  • Layout, Mitchell
As a project manager I took care of the overveiw of the layout aswell as other team members and the printing process. The set up of the ID document was placed as a Print Booklet. We tried it with crop marks but found this to disagree with the printing process as it pushed the docuement over the page setup. It was agreed to print the document 4 pages and to adhesive consecutive pages together. Further research into the laser printer will become beneficial for future assignments.

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